Website with Blogdown, Hugo, Git(hub) and Travis

Ewen · 2019/03/19 · 1 minute read

I’m involved in a team organizing/stimulating technical workshops in the Marine Station of Roscoff, the so-called RUB (Roscoff Unseminars in Bio*).

We needed a support to exist online, and to share resources, as well as to collectively prepare the workshops. I got very inspired by the InSileco website, that makes use of Blogdown+Hugo, GitHub and Travis-CI. They even have a blog post on how to build such website. I hereby greatly thank them for the resources they shared.

This small website is also built with Hugo, wrapped up in Blogdown (to be able to write easily in RStudio), and is versioned on GitHub (because this is completely transparent, and at some point I’d like to propose people to correct pages directly on GitHub.

Finally, I’ll use this website to make experiments before adding them on my main blog.